NMRFx applications are written in Java so they run on all the major desktop platforms. The software code is the same, but there is a specific installer for each operating system. Click on the appropriate link below to see a list of recent installers for your platform.

You'll need an account on this server in order to download the software. If you don't already have one, click on the Registration link at the top of this page.

Note: unlike the NMRFx Processor and NMRFx Viewer (NMRViewJ) installers, these are just compressed tar files (.tgz). Just untar them:

For example:

tar xzvf structure-10_1_16_macosx-amd64.tgz

To execute run the nmrfxstructure shell script in the resulting directory


Linux 64bit

Windows 64bit

Some examples. For each example cd into the direcotry containing a project.yaml file. You can then generate a structure with:

nmrfxs gen project.yaml

or multiple structures with something like:

nmrfxs batch -n 100 -k 10 -p 5 -a -c  project.yaml

The above assumes that you've put the executable script on your path (and note that it's named nmrfxs.bat on Windows) or you type the full path to the script (instead of just nmrfxs)